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Travis Enders started Tavern Team as an opportunity to grow another aspect of of the bar business. Enders' father owned a bar in the town, Route 67 Saloon, and Enders would bartend regularly at "The Saloon". 


Travis who has been successful in many business endeavors put together the idea of Tavern Team and pitched it to his large roster of bartenders.  The bartenders were instantly on board and loved the idea of getting out of the same scene every weekend and checking out new venues, meeting new clients, and serving varieties of different beverages. 

Enders needed to make sure that he provided reliable, dependable, and accountable team members.  This has always been a priority of Tavern Team and Travis has continued to hand pick his bartenders through referrals and other reputable sources. 


With over a dozen experienced bartenders with a focus on providing great client experience, fast beverage service, and notably delicious cocktails, Tavern Team continues to serve tens of thousands annually.


Reach out today to book our mobile bartending services for your wedding, corporate event or party.

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