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Travis Enders and Dave Wittnebel are two men who met in 2013 at a local bar in Ashippun, Wisconsin. Enders' father owned a bar in the town, Route 67 Saloon, and Enders would bartend regularly at "The Saloon". 


In 2013 Enders' became fascinated with bar darts and would follow the neighboring bars team around and watch them shoot darts. Wittnebel was a member of the neighboring bars dart team and would soon befriend Enders and his passion for the darting world. 


Several years later, Wittnebel's dart team dismantled and Enders was in a position to assemble a dart team of his own for his fathers bar, Route 67 Saloon.  Enders and Wittnebel began regularly shooting darts together. 


After 3 years, several cocktails, and great friendship Enders and Wittnebel decided to begin Tavern Team.  Wittnebel, a local bartender at Enders' father's newly acquired tavern and Enders' good friend, asked Enders if he'd have interest in bartending weddings and private events. Enders who was on a mission to acquire his own tavern agreed and several days later, this story was written. 


Enders and Wittnebel have a passion for the beverage industry and have a drive to serve Wisconsin!  With Enders bar/business management experience and Wittnebel's exciting personality their skills are sure to "Cheers" any event and make those experiences last a lifetime!


Reach out today to book our mobile bartending services for your wedding, corporate event or party.

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