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When to Hire a Bartending Service for a Company Event or Party?

when to hire a bartending service for a company event

As senior leaders of any successful organization, we understand two things:

  1. The need to capture value

  2. The need to identify and mitigate risk

Of course, value comes in many different shapes and sizes: profit, asset worth, market volatility, earnings per share, etc… and the most important: great people & culture.

And from all different angles comes risk, often like a strobe light: margins, exposure,

compliance, market share, etc… but the most important: unproductive employees & a poor culture.

Hosting the occasional or seasonal event or party is a needed and important way to show your people they are valued and your culture is healthy, positive and embracive to relaxing and sharing good times amongst one another. And as Ol’Blue Eyes once told us,

“Alcohol may be our worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” So an office event or party without alcohol, especially in our great state of Wisconsin, is what those inside the Beltway would call ‘a non-starter’.

But alcohol = risk. We can’t ignore it, but we can mitigate it.

Tavern Team has a proven track record of providing exemplary bartending service across the spectrum:

  • Licensed, professional Milwaukee bartending staff with liquor liability insurance

  • Consultation to ensure your budget is balanced with your array of requirements

  • Calculating the amount of all beverages required based on numbers & demographics

  • Understanding the time of year and any venue opportunities and/or challenges

  • On-location execution of complete and premium bartending services

  • Fun, energetic and entertaining professionally trained bar staff

Tavern Team's mobile bartending service is adaptable and fully equipped to execute any event arrangement and style to suit your organization’s needs. We know business leaders that host events want things enjoyable, yet reasonable and controlled. Tavern Team has some tips and tricks that our clients have capitalized on over the years that help you limit your alcohol spend and risk of attendees’ over-indulgence while still facilitating that good-time vibe.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to capture a complete and totally redeeming value that provides an opportunity for comradery and fun, fosters the rewarding of treasured people and teams, and all-the-while mitigates risk, look no further than Tavern Team's Bartending Service in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

At Tavern Team, we specialize in complete bartending service. We have a roster of over twenty dedicated professional bartenders from different bar industries, and each bartender is selected for your special event based on your service requirements and their skills. Our private bartending service pricing varies with event size, location, and a few other factors, but we promise to deliver a premium-quality event bartending service without troublesome contracts, excessive prices, or hidden fees.

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