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Let Tavern Team Bartending provide you a consultation of beverages no matter where you are!

We can communicate via email or phone to discuss your beverage needs.  Together we will discuss potential signature drinks, timeframe of beverage service, variety of beverages, and our estimate on what you'll need to ensure you don't run out of beverages during your event.

We've provided wedding bartending service to tens of thousands of people and our consultation is built for those who'd like a second opinion, are in areas we do not serve, or are taking the risk of self staffing with friends and want to know what they'll need to ensure proper supply.

Tavern Team Bartending includes consultation with ALL of our Milwaukee bartending service options so if you choose to purchase the consultation ahead of time and book us later this will be credited to your service!

Beverage Quantity & Variety Consultation (Drink Calculator)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • If Tavern Team Bartending is in your service area and you hire our wedding bartending services, this will be credited 100% to your invoice.

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