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Top Tips for Booking Bartending Services in Milwaukee

Updated: Feb 18

Top Tips for Booking Bartending Services in Milwaukee

Planning your next event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, whether it's a romantic barn wedding, a corporate soirée, or an intimate backyard bash, is like orchestrating a symphony of memories. Every detail, from the choice of decor to the menu, plays a unique note in the melody of your celebration. However, there's one key component that can make or break the harmony of your event – your vendors. In this article, we'll unveil the secrets to booking your next vendor, such as a bar catering service, ensuring your event hits all the right notes and leaves you and your guests with unforgettable memories.

  1. Communication: Imagine your event as a canvas, and your vendors, including bartenders, as the artists tasked with bringing your vision to life. Clear communication is the paintbrush that enables them to create a masterpiece. From the outset, emphasize the importance of open dialogue with your chosen vendors. Discuss the extent of their services, the timeframe, and what they'll provide. To ensure a seamless bartending service, engage in three critical conversations:

a. the initial inquiry;

b. a thorough discussion 4-6 weeks prior to the event;

c. and a final check-in during the week leading up to your celebration.

Remember! The clearer the communication, the smoother the service.

  1. Transparency: Transparency is a two-way street on the journey to a successful event. Just as you seek details about the bartending services for your event, they need insights from you. Specialty requests, accessibility concerns, and availability constraints should be shared openly. Vendors appreciate clients who provide as much information as possible well in advance, as it allows them to prepare effectively. Since you may be exploring multiple vendors, including bar catering services, before making your final decision, be prepared to communicate with each of them at least twice – once during your initial inquiry and again after booking a different service. Transparency ensures that all vendors can offer you the best possible service within their capabilities.

  2. Budget: Creating an event budget can be a puzzle, but certain pieces should always take priority to mitigate risk. One such piece is hiring professional and insured bartending services. Especially in states like Wisconsin, where the "Buyer Beware" principle holds sway, having uninsured or underinsured vendors can lead to costly consequences. Communicate your initial budget to your vendors, even if it seems significantly lower than their rates. A $200 budget for bartending may appear reasonable, but consider the costs of insurance, licensing, and business management that impact the final event cost. Cheaper doesn't always equate to safety or quality.

  3. Timeframe: Timing is everything when it comes to booking vendors for your event. Letting them know your intended booking timeframe can significantly influence their availability and pricing. Events scheduled 18 months in advance may affect the scope and cost of services, so be transparent about your timeline. Urgency can impact availability, and a shorter planning window on the vendor's side may affect the overall cost. A well-defined timeframe ensures that both you and your bartending services vendors are on the same page, minimizing surprises along the way.

In the grand symphony of event planning, where every detail contributes to the unforgettable melody of your celebration, remember that you are the conductor. Your vendors, including bartending services, are the skilled musicians, and the score is the collaborative effort that brings your vision to life. By heeding these valuable tips, you'll ensure that your composition resonates with harmony and grace.

At Tavern Team in Ashippun, WI, we understand the intricacies of orchestrating the perfect bar catering service for your event. We're more than just bartenders; we're your partners in creating an unforgettable experience. With clear communication, unwavering transparency, and a focus on your budget and timeline, we're here to help you craft the symphony of your dreams.

So, as you embark on your event planning journey in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, let's work together to transform every sip into a note of celebration. We invite you to reach out to Tavern Team and let us be part of your event's unforgettable melody. Together, we'll make your next gathering a harmonious masterpiece.

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